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Vermilian Team


This is us; a handsome lot, aren't we?

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Anthony Voigt
Anthony Voigt
General Manager – Innovation
Anthony established Vermilian in 2001 after working for various financial services organisations in senior management and strategy positions. His experience in strategic planning and project management is linked with expertise in marketing and online service delivery. Anthony manages strategy, ebusiness and marketing consulting engagements and works towards leveraging the company's core skill sets into new areas of value to clients
Anthony holds a BA from Griffith University (Brisbane) and an MBA from the Macquarie University School of Management (MGSM).
John Kean
John Kean
General Manager – Digital Services
John joined Vermilian in 2003 to provide integrated marketing and strategic management advice to our finance and superannuation clients. He focuses on new product development, ebusiness and marketing communications initiatives in addition to expanding Vermilian's alliance network. Previously, he was Business Marketing Manager with Zurich Financial Services and Account Director with Actmedia (News Corporation).
John holds an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM).
Lorraine Marsh
Lorraine Marsh
Senior Manager – Innovation
Lorraine is the Associate Director at Vermilian where she performs Project Lead and Business Strategy roles on major client projects and heads up our ebusiness consultancy.
Before moving to Australia, Lorraine held the position of Group Management Accountant for Virgin Entertainment Group in London, where she was responsible for the production of strategy reports, management accounts, budgets and forecasts. Prior to this Lorraine was a management accountant at Fujitsu, working on Fujitsu's largest project, a 10 year contract with HM Customs and Excise with a turnover $1350m.
Louis Babinard
Louis Babinard
Mid/Senior Designer
Louis is a multidisciplinary designer with a strong focus in web and interface design. Originally from a print background, Louis is a self-taught coder and excels at incorporating traditional design practices with modern media, both digital and print.
Prior to joining the Vermilian team, Louis worked for a couple of local Sydney startups that focused on web based products and services. Wanting to work as part of a close knit team in an agency style environment was what attracted him to working at Vermilian. Louis holds a Diploma in Graphic Design from the SIT Enmore Design Center.
Raji Mohan Raj
Raji's work includes creating a  range of print and web projects from initial concepts to delivery. Before joining Vermilian she worked freelance on a wide range of projects focusing mainly in print.
Raji holds a Masters degree in Design Science from the University of Sydney and a Advanced Diploma in Graphic design from Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts.
Leonie Meyer
B. Leonie Meyer
Leonie is part of the Vermilian’s design team. She creates design concepts and produces a range of print-based and online material. Leonie worked in the European fashion industry, which taught her about branding, delivering a message and creating an attitude as well as time management. Fashion being seasonal, she wanted to design items with more permanence, which lead her to a career change.
Leonie holds a Master Degree in Fashion Design from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, (Germany) as well as an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and Communication from the SIT Enmore Design Centre. Leonie received an award for the student of the year 2012 for her Diploma in Graphic Design.
Katrin Walter
Katrina Walter
Katrina is part of the Vermilian design team, developing design concepts and a range of online and print material. She has worked extensively in the creative arts since graduating from the University of Chichester, England. She also holds qualifications in fine art and in Design from the SIT, Design Centre Enmore.
After arriving in Sydney she worked as a dance teacher, freelance artist and restaurant manager before a career change led her to design. Originally coming to us as an intern to explore the world of web design, Katrina is now a full time graphic designer here at Vermilian.
Charles Wei
Charles Wei
Front-End Developer
Charles Wei is a Front-End Developer in the design team. He has around eight years experience in programming that includes web front-end and back-end, Windows desktop software and Linux/Unix server programs. He has experienced many different software fields, systems, and solutions that include medical, finance, computer games, mining, etc. He has a wealth of experience in software development and design and loves programming.
Charles holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Information Engineering from the University of South China.
Neil Cossor
Neil Cossor
Senior iOS Developer
Neil's role at Vermilian includes conceptualisation, UX analysis and implementation for iOS and multi-app platform development, analysis of mobile applications and payments systems, and enhancing our online and mobile security practices. This builds on his three years experience with iPhone, iPod and iPad app projects, and implementation of security standards such as AS2805 in the securities settlement industry.
In a past life, Neil has worked extensively in the securities industry, including several years on the ASX's first electronic trading system SEATS, and the ASX settlement system CHESS, as well as consulting to the NZX and ISE (in NY).
Hue My Ngo

Hue My Ngo
Quality Assurance Engineer

Hue My is the Quality Assurance Engineer within Vermilian's development team. She is responsible for application testing across Vermilian’s product development projects with a strong focus on testing websites and web-based software.
Hue My has extensive experience with hands-on software testing both manual and automated and has conducted testing across multiple platforms including the Web environment, client servers and terminal server configuration.
Hue My holds a Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering (BE) from the University of Technology, Sydney.
John Testa

John Testa
Marketing Project Manager

John is part of our Account Management team, overseeing eBusiness projects and campaigns for a range of clients, as well as working on web redevelopments and other online marketing opportunities.
John’s experience within the media and marketing sphere is wide and varied, having worked directly with senior executives across a broad range of vertical markets (State Government, Real Estate, Accounting & Finance, to name a few). He has produced everything from websites to corporate videos, as well as more traditional marketing initiatives.
John holds a Bachelor of International Communication from Macquarie University.
Eddy Price

Anthony Lateef
Digital Conversion Manager

Part of Vermilian’s Digital Services Team, Anthony’s role is to enhance the existing and develop new digital marketing offerings. This includes conversion optimisation services, Analytics products, customer acquisition solutions as well as internal and external (client) consulting in Digital. 

Anthony’s versatile experience ranges from media to online research industries and includes large scale data collection operations, digital consultancy and high volume customer acquisition for multinationals across 10+ markets in Asia-Pacific. Passionate about his field, Anthony strives for measurable growth and innovation no matter the industry or limitations.
Anthony holds a Bachelor of International Communication from Macquarie University, Sydney. 

About the Team

Over the years we have collected a dedicated bunch of creatives, developers and marketers from a variety of backgrounds. We have hand picked the best at their game from all over the world - Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Portugal, Italy and Latvia generating a well-rounded diverse team.

The team is divided into marketing support, designers, developers and security specialists. We work together to provide the highest quality service and products to our clients, whilst keeping them up to date with the most current applications of the digital world. Vermilian strives to uphold a strong team mentality and unity amongst both the individual departments and throughout the entire company.

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