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Design Services


Vermilian has a professional team of designers with a wealth of experience in various areas of creative development.

We offer a comprehensive design service across branding, websites, intranets, advertising, customer communications, point of sale material, corporate communications, stationery, audio-visual presentations and graphical user interfaces.

We're not a high-priced consultancy that tells you what to do and then abandons you. We focus on you, your customers and results.


The most important strategic marketing task an organisation can undertake is to get its branding right.

We can assist with every aspect of your branding requirements including:

  • Brand positioning (refining or redeveloping your overall brand promise)
  • Brand identities (logos, tag lines, imagery, artwork)
  • Corporate style guides (integrated branding solutions for all your communications channels and touch points)
  • Brand communication and implementation (brand advertising, communications programs and re-branding plans)


We have extensive experience with:

  • Websites/Intranets and online interface design
  • eNewsletters
  • Online advertising
  • Audio-visual presentations (webinars, CDs, etc)


We can assist with all aspects of your print design needs including:

  • Point of Sale
  • Corporate Communications
  • Customer Communications
  • Stationery

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