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The eBusiness Service delivers demonstrable sales, service and cost-reduction benefits.

The eBusiness Service will provide:

  • expert advice and support with the progression of online strategies;
  • dedicated assistance with website development and enhancement;
  • use of a sophisticated and cost-efficient Content Management System;
  • an expanding range of online tools made available as part of the service;
  • experienced website design skills in constructing and operating mutual ADI websites;
  • ongoing online marketing and website support;
  • a wide range of established ‘infrastructure’ including hosting, website content change procedures and disaster recovery arrangements, etc;
  • a strong focus on online IT security risk management; and
  • comprehensive service standards.

The six key benefits clients gain from engaging Vermilian

1. Security

Vermilian applies extensive information management security practices to all websites supported through the eBusiness Service. These include a wide range of measures to protect access to Internet Banking login links including ongoing server and firewall security configuration as well as extensive server security monitoring. We are looking at applying APRA’s PPG 234 re IT security risk management. Our focus on this highly-specialised area will grow.

2. Confidence

Operational for eleven years, Vermilian is the largest supplier of integrated online services to the Australian mutual ADI sector. With forty eBusiness Service clients and many other finance sector clients, we have extensive experience in all aspects of retail banking online channel management.

3. Partnership

By engaging the eBusiness Service, you will not only get all the features of the service’s IT security risk systems, web design, content structure, infrastructure, online tools and CMS; you also benefit from our ongoing support, advice and partnership. Effectively you get an ongoing resourcing boost with assistance from a dedicated, highly-skilled ebusiness support team.

4. Industry knowledge

We ‘live and breathe’ the mutual finance sector and can bring to bear our extensive knowledge of the unique features of the industry. Moreover, the service provides access to sophisticated IT tools and functionality, specifically selected for application to mutual ADIs. This is a unique service where you can develop a long-term partnership with an organisation dedicated to this industry.

5. Expertise

Vermilian’s team currently works with 40 eBusiness Service clients and comprises of almost 3 dozen people with a breadth of experience across strategy development, IT security risk management, marketing, sales management, online channel management, web development, mobile technology, web design and financial accounting.

6. Aggregation benefits

On an ongoing basis, you will benefit from the eight years of work we have already devoted to developing retail banking websites as well as all ongoing innovations. The eBusiness Service also provides an opportunity for clients to work together on aggregated initiatives including regular user group meetings, shared web application development projects and shared benchmarking and learning.

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