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An important feature of the eBusiness Service is that it offers ongoing emarketing, campaign and website assistance to support your business objectives.

We offer comprehensive and proactive online marketing assistance through a range of emarketing and campaign support functions including:

Campaign Development

Vermilian can assist with your Campaign development in the following ways:
  • design, concept development, campaign planning and testing
  • development including database design and integration
  • campaign monitoring and enhancement

Social Media

Vermilian has a growing body of experience in social media and can assist with social media initiatives in many ways. Broadly speaking we can help through:

  • aggregated solutions included as part of our eBusiness Service
  • bespoke assistance provided to individual clients separately

We have a number of social media tools available in association with the eBusiness Service.

Vermilian Social Media

Vermilian ENewsletter

email Marketing

An important feature of our eBusiness Service is that it offers ongoing online marketing assistance in support of your business objectives.

Vermilian can assist with website campaign execution which is a core part of our service and includes assistance with EDMs and eNewsletters.

Template Design and Coding

We can work with you to develop EDM and eNewsletter templates that suit your branding and campaign requirements.

Typically, eNewsletters remain consistently designed from one issue to another. They usually contain branded headers and footers with content layouts that are clean and usable.

Templates are coded in html and are subject to our standard requirements for usability and access via major email systems.

Assistance with Content Population

We also help clients with content population either by inputting content into the EDM/eNewsletter for testing or contributing content via our aggregated news/content service.

We also provide topical and relevant aggregated content on a weekly basis to assist with keeping your social media channels up-to-date.


We have considerable experience in building/deploying minisites for discrete purposes.

Minisites can assist by supporting current campaigns or strengthening sales in a particular area. 


SMS Marketing

With the increasing use of mobile, SMS marketing is becoming increasingly relevant.

Vermilian can assist you to distribute SMS messages to your membership or targeted demographics.

Aggregated Campaign Service

Every few months we use our knowledge of the retail banking industry to develop a campaign package designed to promote a financial services product

Each aggregated campaign carries the client logo, is easy to run, cost efficient, professional and comprehensive.

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