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Design and Usability


Our experience in the development of over 100 retail banking websites is founded on intuitive user-centric information design.

Over the years we have employed a range of practical approaches to content, navigation organisation and design.

Understanding your business

By developing a thorough understanding of your business Vermilian can help you grow. Through various investigations such as discussions with key staff, a content audit and analysis of activity on your current site or user testing based on target personas and selected scenarios we can gain a great insight into your business and help you implement a strategy to work on strengths and weaknesses.

The right design for you

Through our eBusiness Service we can provide you with a unique, engaging, functional and usable website design. Our designers are highly skilled and can improve your websites usability and navigation. We utilise various initiatives to increase usability on various platforms such as tablets and mobiles whilst still deploying effective sales and marketing campaigns.

The technical stuff

Cross browser compatibility and search engine optimisation is an essential aspect of good web design. We can optimise your new website at the time of launch for the current release versions of the most popular browsers used worldwide. As part of the build of the new website we can undertake a technical optimisation project designed to ensure that the new site complies with all critical SEO requirements.

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