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SEO strategy can be summarised as involving three phases.

Adhering to technical optimisation best practice during site build

This is best and most cost-effectively undertaken at the time of initial site development.  Accordingly we have included this work as a standard part of our proposals (time permitting).

Keyword selection and SEO copy writing

The development of keyword-rich, semantically-structured content is also best undertaken at the time of site development.  It is not strictly essential to do this as part of the site’s development and therefore is not a standard part of the eBusiness Service.

Ongoing content generation and link building

Generating links involves an ongoing program of content generation, site publicity and link interchange.

This is not something that should be attempted on an ad hoc basis but is best addressed in the following circumstances:

  • after technical optimisation and SEO copy writing are complete
  • as part of an organisation’s ongoing marketing and business development strategy

While this is not a standard part of the eBusiness Service, once the site has been launched we can discuss with you supplementary SEO activities, such as link building and keyword selection and analysis, which can be progressively applied to further improve organic search rankings.

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