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At Vermilian we have a specific and unique approach to website development.

Websites are considered by many to be business tools, particularly for retail banking. Very few viewers visit for entertainment; they normally have a purpose in mind and require it to be expedited as quickly as possible. It is a sad truth that viewers only notice information architecture when it is poor and they cannot achieve their intended purpose.

Effective site navigation and information design does not happen by chance. The information design requirements for retail banking sites are more complex due to the wide variety of tasks required of one site.

Our experience in the development of over 100 retail banking websites is founded on intuitive user-centric information design.  Over the years we have employed a range of practical approaches to content and navigation organisation.

Our approach involves developing a thorough understanding of the business, user and content requirements of the new site.

This is gained through

  • discussions with key managerial and operational staff;
  • a content audit and analysis of the information bottlenecks observed in your current site;
  • obtaining feedback on the perceived strengths (and weaknesses) of the sites we have designed;
  • a review of recent relevant transactional usability studies (bank and non-bank);
  • benchmarking retail banking sites in Australia and in major western countries;
  • comparing benchmarking and usability data to your requirements;
  • developing navigation wire-frame models;
  • building one or a number of information architecture prototypes based on dynamic navigation options;
  • user testing based on target personas and selected scenarios; and
  • delivery of information design prototypes for approval prior to build.

We will consider each of these approaches in constructing an appropriate information design methodology at the commencement of the project.

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